Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Marvels of Mapquest

On Friday I introduced our mapping unit by reading As the Crow Flies aloud and then modelling how each member of the class could create his own map of the route to school from his house.

I demonstrated how to draw a street and showed several buildings one might pass on the way, including a church. Since half of my class is Muslim, I also included a mosque. Someone called out, "What's a mosque?" I turned to my class and gestured to them, "Someone tell us, what's a mosque?"

Blank stares.

I quirked my brow...turned and drew a crescent on the round dome of the "mosque." Turned back and asked again, "What's a mosque?"

One of my girls (Muslim) snapped her fingers in recognition. "Oh! It's a banana store!"

Class, including teacher, dissolved into hysterical laughter.

So much for my artistic abilities.

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