Monday, December 21, 2009

Let It Snow

I love when it snows 26 inches, and every school district in the tristate area closes EXCEPT the DOE. Oh well, closed or not, my drive it too long to risk it, and anyway I'm down with a massive sinus infection. It's never good when the doctor looks in your nose and says, "Holy sinus infection Batman!"

Being home in this kind of weather begs for pottering in the kitchen, so instead of teaching reading I'm making butterscotch sauce (courtesy of my favorite blog ever, and orange almond biscotti (courtesy of same). Also 3 1/2 pounds of Union Square Cafe bar nuts. All my giftees are getting lucky this year.

The Criminals are too strung out to do much work anyway - the experienced teacher knows the moment at which she has to slow down and expect less. For us, it was last Wednesday. We went on a field trip to the Native American Museum - field trips that close to a holiday make students think school is officially over. Thus, for the last few days I have interspersed the serious learning with holiday word searches and the like. It's nice to have a class this year that doesn't circle UTIEPQ and say, "I'm done!"

Two days to liftoff (AKA vacation), wish us luck.

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