Monday, September 21, 2009

Elephant Walk

The Circus, mind you, is more than three hours long. No one has an easy time sitting for that long - but especially not a bunch of six year olds. So when it got to be 1:00, and they were really starting to fidget and whine, my Assistant Principal mercifully informed me that the buses were waiting. It was time to go, even though the show wasn't over yet. The elephants had just entered the ring.

The elephants were standing on little tubs as we filed past them, lifting one foot up into the air, balancing on each other's backs, waving feet at the audience, and I figured the Criminals would really like that. They were, however, only mildly interested.Then, just as we all were completely ringside, the biggest elephant dropped the, uh, ball. A huge, enormous, gigantic, incredibly impressive ball of poop.

My class "star'd with wild surmise, silent upon a peak in"...well, not Darien. The Bronx. Then in unison they raised their arms above their heads and yelled:


And we, like Lewis and Clark, proceeded on, satisfied that there could be no more exciting finale to our day at the Circus.

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