Monday, September 21, 2009

Her Name was Annabelle Lee (2005)

Okay so, remember Annabelle, the girl who's fast with the scissors? She is SO happy she has a job. She tells me so every day. On Wednesday, she told me so by launching herself at me on the stairs, clinging to me and screaming "I LOVE YOU MISS VICTORIA!" as I stumbled and crashed down four steps. I felt something in my foot go CRACK, and lay there, dazed, while the security officer helped me up and all the other Criminals looked appalled and hissed "ANNABELLE!!!"

She stood there all alone, bottom lip quivering, tears welling in her eyes, and she said, "Miss Victoria, it was an ACCIDENT!" Even though I was ready to kill her from the pain, I couldn't yell at her. I said, "I know Annabelle. Next time be more careful," and we went on to go outside and home for the day (thank GOD).

So that night after a trip to the emergency room when the pain got pretty bad, I came home with Vicodin and a broken toe.

Next morning, we all sit down on the rug and I say, "Guess WHAT? Miss Victoria broke her toe! It's all purple and green and blue!"

Criminals: Ooooooo can we SEE IT?

Teacher: Well no, I don't want to take my shoe off right now.

Hazel: Well where is it?

Teacher:'s on my foot. Your toes are on your feet, you guys know that.(Criminals look confused)

Indira: But you said it was BROKEN!

Teacher: Oh. Right. It broke, but it didn't break OFF.(Criminals look disappointed)

Indira: (sighing) Oh.

Next time I'll see if I can actually LOSE a body part. This, it seems, was the excitement they were looking for.

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